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The beginnings of the company Smelt-ing go way back to 1996. Although in 2009 there was a transfer in ownership which brought to increasing the spirit for development, new investments, solid structure as well as great teamwork and great working surroundings.

Smelt-ing LCC has enlarged as one of the major companies for trading electrical materials in North Macedonia. We have successfully geared our structure towards creating value for customers, keeping pace with ever quicker product lifecycles, shorter order lead times and growing product variants. Our results on the market are based on flexibility, shorter response times, greater resource efficiency, higher production quality and on-time delivery.

We accelerated our activities by establishing a new 2.000m2 plant in Veles, North Macedonia for assembling polyester distribution cabinets. In order to meet the demands of the market and customers, in 2011 we started with the production of the parts of the cabinets and left significant footprint in the metal processing industry. Our production activities are in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards.

In 2015 Smelt-ing LCC has gradually expanded with a new investment by opening a factory of 4.800m2 in Vladicin Han, Serbia.

In 2021, Smelt-ing LCC increased the capacity of its main headquarters located in Skopje, North Macedonia and opened a main warehouse of 5.000 m2.

Our team consist of fully trained and certified professionals whose efforts are valued and honored. We operate with passion which we build through safe and positive work environment, employee engagement and teamwork.

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